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The Beauty Of Steel and Wood

Twenty years ago, an eccentric artist developed a comic hero quest to combat the invasion from inner earth. The enemy - concrete ornaments, with their uncanny ability to invade peoples lives.

Our hero's obsession leads him to formulate a counter-attack. WHO could handle such as task? WHAT could stand up to concrete? YES! A sleepless night led him to answer, STEEL - strong, sleek and beautiful. As our heroes pondered his next move, he realised the enormity of what lay ahead required special powers and the assistance from a side-Kick with mind-reading ability, powered by chocolate biscuits. He now knew he had the ultimate weapon. The hero, and his side Kick, starting small, grew and grew invading Australia and now...
....The World Wide Web.

Five years ago our courageous duo discovered the power of the laser beam! Armed with a new knowledge and they ventured into the unknown world of laser cutting. The result has been a stunning new range of MDF products that now help them to further their quest.

We are artist and makers against animal tracing. No animal or insect was traced, harmed, bribed or tested upon during this quest.

Don't forget we are at the Kalamunda markets the first Saturday of every month. We also sell our product at Wendy Binks Stall at the Fremantle Markets which is open Fri - Sun every week, Zankthorrea Nursery and the Zig Zag Cultural Centre Kalamunda.

The Artists

Paul and Kaye Moro pride themselves in being a rare breed of local Australian designers and makers.
Paul Moro


Paul's background is in Industrial Design, which he studied at Curtin University in Western Australia. The original ideas for his sculptures came from working in the robotics field and  the analogy he made with nature to find solutions to his work. This led to investigations into insects from which  his mechaniod raw metal insects were born. Everyone loved them and construction mania started!


Kaye Moro


Kaye's background is in Business Management. After patiently watching her would be co-provider failing to understand the fundamentals of business, failing to collect money from his many clients, Kaye stepped in to take over the money end of the business.She also spends many hours turning the flat cut-out metal into animals, lizards and insects.

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